Adding detail from a second texture file.

One of the powerful features of the Poser 5 Material Room is the ability to blend different textures together. That allows us to add features to a given texture map. For example: A tattoo or scars to a body texture, or makeup to a head texture.

Furthermore, the image node let us scale and position the added image. That has the advantage that we can use a small image with just the feature we want to add, without empty room just to get the right uv position. That will save memory and thus speed up the render time.

This render shows the Poser 5 male "Don" with the high res texture. The tattoo is a separate image added in the material room.

That are the material settings. The Image_Map2 node holds the tattoo image. It is much smaller than the texture map in the other image node. The image was just the tattoo with a small white border, the big white space is due to the parameters of the node.

The UV-scale and UV-offset parameters of the image map let us scale and position the a image in UV-space. The U- and V-scale of 0.09 tells the image to use just 9% oft available UV Space. The Offset parameters let us position the image. A little experimentation is needed to come up with the right values. Image_mapped = none tells Poser not to repeat the picture to fill the whole map, but to use the white background color instead.

The image is then multiplied into the texture with the color math node. With other images it may be necessary to use a color blend node and a alpha map.

Beside tattoos this may be useful for other tings like scars, etc. With careful positioning , the UV-scale and UV-offset parameters may also enable us to use alternate high res maps for features like the without huge white space around the useful parts

By the way: I really like the skin node. Try it out!