UV-Mapping a Humanoid Figure, Part 6.

Now, the right part of the body, the head and the inner mouth can be arranged on the drawing area. It is important that everything is cut at the central line; otherwise there will be some mess up in the next steps.

The eyes, lashes and the teeth can be easily mapped with the same techniques.

When I have everything on the right side mapped correctly, I exit the AutoUV window. Back in the geometry window, I select the central edge loop, loop cut the model in two and delete everything on the left side.

After combining all parts in a single object (body->combine), I select the central face and mirror. With the mirrored object, I return to the AutoUV window.

I select the central edge loop and cut in the AutoUV window. Then I switch into face mode in the geometry window and body mode in the AutoUV window. In the geometry window, I select the whole left side of the model. Then I use flip->horizontal on the selected charts in the AutoUV window.

The last step is to stitch together the charts at the central line and arrange them for texturing. My model will use for different maps, one for the body, the head, the eyes and the lashes. I arrange all charts that make up one texture so that the fill up the map as much as possible. For this work, it is useful to hide the charts of the other textures.

The head charts don't fill the map very good. So I select everything and scale it vertical to 200%. Now the available space it's filled up. With the square test texture, this makes rectangles out of the squares. But when painting the texture, I will use an canvas double as wide as high. That will take care of the problem.

Like the head, the lashes did not use the map space very effectively. In this case, I scaled horizontal to 150%.

The final result is a mapping with minimal stretching and only as many seams as nessesary.

When I smooth the model, there will be some distortion introduced into the mapping. I will deal with that later.

The tutorial will continue with the setup of the figure for poser.