New gallerie: Bregenzerwald

I have added some pictures from a recent trip to the Bregenzerwald region in Austria:



New design and new galleries

I have finally managed to give this site a new look. It should look good on most screen sizes from tablets up.

After the long hiatus, I have quite a few pictures to upload, so enjoy some new or extended galleries:






Kaiserstuhl and Taubergießen

Flowers from our garden


Three new foto galleries

New galleries added:


Kaiserstuhl and Taubergißen

Flowers from our garden


New foto gallery: Canada in autumn

In october 2008 we traveled to westeren canada again. The light and the colors where quite different than when we visited in spring 2005. I think I got nice pictures and have selected some for the website.


Wings file download for tutorial

I have been ask to provide the model used in my tutorials, for people who want to follow it with the same model. You can download it here.

I think it would be best if you try the tutorial with your own figure, but with this download you have also the possibility to follow it with the same model.


Two more tutorial parts added

I cover the joint setup and some assorted finishing steps. This complets the basic fiure setup for poser, but I will continue the series with morphing and maybe some clothing creation.


One more tutorial part added

I have added a part about setting up the bones in the setup room.


Tutorial continued

I have added a part about setting up the body parts for poser.

I also changed the UV-Mapping tutorial a bit, to include optimizing of the head and lashes maps. Thanks to Peter Chov for the tip.


Tutorial series on poser figure creation series started.

I have started a series of tutorials should eventually cover the whole process of setting up a custom poser figure from a Wings3d model. It will cover modelling hints, UV-Mapping, figure setup, joint editing to morph creation and material setup. Maybe some things more.

Up now: Modelling hints and UV-Mapping.


New render: Into the Dark.

Small Update: I just added one new picture to the render gallery.


New gallery: Canada.

New pictures from a trip to the West of Canada. It was a very pleasant trip, the country is most beautiful and Canadians are very friendly people.


New gallery: Andalucia and Algarve.

I finally got the pictures from a spring 2003 trip to Spain and Portugal scanned and posted.


Another free Poser figure in downloads: Gnom the Stone Elemental.

My new free figure uses displacement maps made in ZBrush on a Wings3d model. Thanks to Benjamin for the concept art I have used for this model.


New Poser figure in downloads: Ukor the Ogre.

Finally, I have an other free figure for Poser online. His head was my entry to a monthly challenge at Renderositys Wings3D froum. I liked him so much, that I added a body and rigged him for poser. Have fun.

I also have a new picture of him in the render gallery.


Animation added.

A new gallery with an animation of my Ogre model. The model will come to the download section soon! Just have to think up a name for him up and package the poser files.

Also I did some polishing with the backgrounds of the site.


New Photos!

I have added a new gallery with Photos from a recent trip to the German National Park "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft" at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

It is the first gallery with pictures taken with my new digital camera, a Canon Eos 10D. I am quit happy with the results.


Going live! is going online!

It's done, my website is in a shape that I feel is ok to go live. Have a look at the galleries and if you are a user of Curious Labs Poser, you may find the download and the tutorial sections useful.

Many thanks to Christof for his PHP-code and help seting the site up.