3d Graphics

I started to use Poser sometimes in 2002 and started modeling about one year later. I tried a lot demo versions of modeling applications, but most of the time it was more fighting the interface than getting any work done. Finally, I found Wings3D, an open source application inspired by Mirai, that I found very well suited to me.

I am a longtime player of fantasy and roleplaying games (RPG). Much of the inspiration for my 3D work comes from this hobby. In fact, my main motivation for starting with Poser was to create illustrations of my RPG characters.

Since I started to use Poser, I have downloaded hundreds of free models, textures and other content. Almost anything I know about computer graphics, I have learned from online tutorials and forums. The tutorials and downloads on this site are my attempt to give something back to the community that has given me so much.

Since some years, I have not longer found the time to activly follow the 3d hobby. The offerings on this site are some years old, but I hope the maybe are still useful for somebody.

I have some Tutorials and Downloads online, as well as some galleries:

  • WIPs and Wireframes
  • Render Gallery
  • Animation: The Ogre