About this site

I have created this web site mainly to present my photography and 3d art. I am an active photographer for more than 30 years now, but the pictures shown this site are mostly from the last 15 years.

My main interest in photography is nature photography. These days, most of my photos are taken on my holiday travels.

When I first created this site, it was mainly to share my 3D models and tutorials with the community. Due to my many other interests, I have not done much 3D work in the last years. All of the content in the 3D section of the page is some years old, but I think it can still be useful for somebody. Maybe some day I will come back to this fascinating hobby.

Stefan Leng



New gallerie: Bregenzerwald

I have added some pictures from a recent trip to the Bregenzerwald region in Austria:


Older news

Some personal data:

I am a software developer and designer living in Germany near Darmstadt. Before I switched to software development, I was a biologist. I did my doctoral thesis at the Max Plank Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen about some structures in the brain of flies and its influence on behaviour.

I have far too many interests: Photography, programming, nature conservancy, role playing games, science, reading, 3d graphics... . So I tend to switch my focus from time to time, some interests may be left to rest for months or even years.